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Corporate events

The advantage of our hotel is three separate dining rooms that can be used independently of each other: a pub, restaurant and lounge bar, respectively. fourth space large terrace and a lawn with grill. Most often companies occupy room for a seminar or training, including the necessary props, which then remain there throughout your stay. All other activities take place in the restaurant or outside of hotel.

Capacity of dining rooms are large and there is no need to restrict the number of beds in our hotel. Rožmberk is a small hamlet and cooperation with other hotels and guest houses is good, so there is no problem to organize an event for 100 people, such as Telefonica O2 in 2007. They slept within 100 meters from the hotel and all meals were in our hotel.

The program is always prepared by mutual agreement. We organize everything ourself, without supporting agencies to all accompanying services remained at a decent level, to correspond with our prices . Prices for accommodation are contractual and lower than the rack rates in the event that occupies the entire hotel for two days or more.

The most frequently ordered product tipical for our site :

  • Two days accommodation with breakfast
  • Afternoon seminar on the first day
  • Evening tour of Rožmberk Castle with mead
  • The morning seminar
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • down the Vltava River on rafts from Higher Brod
  • End of the seminar in the evening
  • An evening with barbecue and music
  • Last day after departure from our Hotel visit of Czech Krumlov
  • Coffee break, brunch, raut

A reasonable program for a reasonable price, with the imprint of our location and our hospitality to return home and to work.

Availability by road from Czech Budejovice over Czech Krumlov along the river. In the case of international events we provide transfer to the airport in Linz, located just 65 km.