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Dear customers.
Due to economic and personnel reasons, our restaurant will have limited opening hours in 2023. We will always publish the opening dates on our website www.hotel-ruze.cz or Facebook. The restaurant will only be open for breakfast for hotel guests. If necessary, you can use one of the four restaurants nearby.
The restriction does not apply to the organization of weddings, various not only corporate events, or reservations arranged by agreement.
We thank you very much for your understanding and we believe that soon we will be able to fully restore the operation of our restaurant.
Your Hotel Růže.
The nearest open dates are:
6 - 10.4.2023

Historical Hotel Rose - accommodation in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, accommodation at Lipno

About Us

We are celebrating 350 years of hospitality! Hotel Rose in Rožmberku was established in 1659. And even today it keeps its historical nature which gives it the righ ambience.

Why use our services

You will not find a unified 2x3m rooms with a small toilet and shower corner. We are a historic hotel and each room offers an unforgettable experience. Attic intimacy of "fraucimor", a luxury of nobility from Rožmberk, vistas on the Rožmberk Castle and the Vltava River.

Are you going on holiday or a trip to South Bohemia and looking for accommodation? Rožmberk nad Vltavou, where you will find our hotel Rose is the right choice!

South Bohemia is for many of us " a power of habit", especially picturesque Vltava, which flows under the windows of our hotel. Near is the dominan Castle Rožmberk, who with flowing Vltava creates unforgettable atmosphere. As the oldest seat of the Rožmberk is one of the major Czech castles.

Near our hotel, in Rožmberk nad Vltavou is located Lipno dam. Holidays in this area will certainly not disappoint. So if you 're going to Lipno trip and looking for accommodation near Lipno certainly come to us! Surroundings of Lipno however, is not the only one place in this area that you could visit. Czech Krumlov invites on trips . Sights of Czech Krumlov are famous around the world ! It is the perfect place to visit Šumava.There's lots and lots. We wrote a summary of the trips for you which you could take in the surroundings: ideas for trips.

Our partner is a boat rental Highter Brod - Potápka. We will like provide raft or canoe and you can actively enjoy what is around the most beautiful , the most typical and popular: Downhill of the Vltava River from Highter Brod to our hotel ( get off directly on the sunny terrace!) or from us to Czech Krumlov and we will bring you back again . There is festival Czech castles.cz " in Rožmberk nad Vltavou every year. It is a summer music festival that takes place in major Czech and Moravian historical monuments gradually in eight different regions of the Czech Republic. If you are going, accommodation in Rožmberk will definitely be useful and you will really enjoy a music festival!

Historical Hotel Rose - accommodation in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, accommodation at Lipno

Holidays in South Bohemia, Lipno holidays

Hotel Rose is a partner at Rent rafts Potápka